The Comfort of Organic Cotton Baby Clothes

As interest in eco-friendly products has risen, there are more options to keep everything in your home environmentally friendly and safe. Consumers also turn to products made without toxins as they not only are less harmful to the environment, but also less harmful to the consumer. This is even more important when considering what clothes new parents will want to put their new baby in. Organic cotton baby clothes can be safe and comfortable for the new bundle of joy.Fabrics such as bamboo and cotton are commonly used for organic clothing. Organic cotton baby clothes are available for all ages and in many styles. Often, parents prefer organic layette for their newborn, making it a popular shower gift. Gowns, clothes, and booties are some of the more popular layette items for baby. Accessories like blankets, teething rings, and hats are also available to go with the adorable layette items. Because they are soft and comfortable, parents love these fabrics on their new bundle of joy.As baby grows, there are many more options in the way of organic cotton baby clothes and accessories. T-shirts, clothes, jeans, and even dresses come in many styles and colors to suit any taste. Whether it’s for a baby boy or a baby girl, these organic clothes are wonderful ways to keep baby safe and comfortable. If you are looking for a perfect gift, choosing on of many organic items are a great way to go. For comfort, style, and practicality, most parents prefer organic baby clothes. From trendy new styles to traditional layette items, organic items are available in all varieties. Baby shower gifts, furnishing the nursery, and even toys can be organic. There’s no reason you can’t keep your mind on what is environmentally friendly and safe for your baby at the same time.

Out of Date, Out of Sight, Out You Go – Clearing Out Your Unwanted Clothes

We have a small non-venomous python snake either living in our yard or in the local neighbourhood. It is only an accident when I glimpse it. That is the way I like it and we both live in peace.I was reminded of it when I saw its slowly decomposing, discarded skin in my back yard.What has this to do with modern dressing? Let me explain.Our local python is my inspiration for this article on regularly de-cluttering your wardrobe. Read on for three hints based on the cycles of nature.Let Us Part Company. You are Out-of-Date.Many animals like our neighbourhood snake shed their skin or their fur once a year. When the old covering is out-of-date for the coming season or its future needs, they part company. Deciduous trees lose all their leaves once a year. Even evergreens shed a certain portion of their leaves annually.That is a good guide for you. At least once a year go through your wardrobe with a discerning eye. Do not toss out everything like our snake. Do get rid of clothes that have passed their use-by-date. They may be too small, too big, too baggy, too staid or too much like everything else in your wardrobe. The same applies to your accessories. How many handbags and pairs of black shoes do you really need?Out of Sight So I Can Re-create MyselfOur neighbourhood snake shed its skin on our pool patio. It shed it there so that wherever it lives stays neat and tidy. It does not store its old skin in a back cupboard hoping to fit back into it next year. It is out of sight and gone forever from its mind. Our snake is now free to re-create itself in a better version.I am not a snake expert but am using this picture to help you get the real purpose of de-cluttering clothes and accessories. You do not do it to fill your wardrobe again with clothes and accessories that are almost or exactly like the ones you got rid of. That is reproducing yourself. Men’s dressing is like that as their fashion styles do not change much during their adult years.Dressing as a woman is about re-creating yourself. Yes, you may need to replace some classic items with similar ones. Aim to replace your discarded clothes with modern classics or classics with a twist like a top with ruched sleeves. Buy modern shoes and accessories to re-create yourself as ten per cent better. Changing a little regularly over a long time is easier to accept and maintain than an instant dramatic makeover like the ones shown on TV.Out You Go – Downcycle, Recycle or UpcycleIn the natural world many things shed their unwanted pieces for recycling. Some like our snake’s skin takes a bit longer to decompose than other things. Nature recycles the item where it is dropped. Women can recycle in three ways.Downcycling is my term for destroying by cutting up, pulling apart or re-mashing. It is when you cut up your old tee-shirts into polishing or cleaning rags; you cut jeans into shorts or you put old clothes out for charities to collect and turn into rags for industrial purposes.Recycling is passing on the unchanged item to someone else. It is swapping, donating or selling. Money may change hands or it may not. If you sell it, you usually get less than you originally paid for it. Vintage items are the exception.Upcycling is a new term for an old skill. It is when you make entirely new and different items out of old items. Think grandma’s depression-era thrift skills for today’s economic climate, only it costs a lot more. You pay either for your or someone else’s creative ideas, time, tools and materials. Danny Seo is a US upcycle expert who teaches people how to make things like fancy bowls from old tee-shirts. Tracey Trinder makes and sells skirts and bags created from old ties. The end result is a unique item. Google upcycling for more examples.Last WordsLike my neighbourhood snake, clean out regularly; move the old out of your home and replace with items that create a ten per cent updated, modern version of you.

5 Things to Remember When Preparing Your Business for Sale

If you are determined to receive the best price for your business when it’s sold, it is important to prepare your business for its eventual sale.The five key aspects of the preparation process are.1. Stop Running the BusinessMany buyers have been conditioned to think that a business cannot perform without the original owner. Many prospective purchasers are afraid that once the current owner leaves, the company will underperform and this fear prevents many businesses from ever being sold.When preparing your business for sale it is a good idea to reduce the amount of time you spend running the business on a day to day basis. Most small businesses are built around the owner/manager which is why prospective buyers feel the business will falter once it has changed hands. If you can show that the business can operate profitably without you then you have a business with value that should sell for a premium.2. Hire ManagersBuyers like stability and they dislike risk. One way you can decrease the perceived risk of acquiring your business is to put good managers in place. If you are able to hire managers and build in a chain of command that removes you from the day to day running of the business, while ensuring it still runs efficiently, you have taken away a significant stumbling block for many buyers.A profitable business which comes with well-trained managers who know the business well, and are willing to continue running it from the day one, is an attractive proposition that many buyers will not pass up on.3. Put Business Systems in PlaceDuring the preparation period, aim to have all your business processes documented and working in a defined system. All business practices should be well-defined and each member of your organisation should have a clear role with a well understood job specification. Use the preparation period to build in systems which explain and document how each process of your business works and all employees should be well versed in how these systems work.Building in systems is important as it will improve a buyer’s confidence and this will lead to better offers. A business that works smoothly and efficiently, with clearly defined processes and systems, is a positive for many buyers as this reduces the amount of time and resources they have to spend understanding and fixing inefficient practices.4. Legal IssuesIt is very important to settle any legal disputes or issues that may affect the sale of your business as any buyer worth their salt will conduct some form of due diligence if they are serious about purchasing your business.Many deals have collapsed due to legal issues or disputes that the vendor has failed to sort out or disclose. If you are able to solve these issues prior to negotiations and due diligence you have paved the way for a successful sale. Issues such as lease agreements on property and equipment, outstanding payments or court settlements and other potential liabilities should be tackled prior to the negotiation period as these issues are notorious for collapsing deals.It’s also a good idea to turn any verbal agreements you have with key suppliers and customers into written contracts. Prospective buyers want to feel confident that all the key aspects of the business are tied down and enforceable by law.5. HousekeepingIt is important to pay attention to your premises and ensure that all equipment and stock is up to date, that your office looks neat and professional and all unsold or out of date inventory is moved on. First impressions of your business count so it’s important you make a good one.You should also use this period to begin looking at your company accounts. Many small businesses are set up to minimize tax but this method of accounting leads to lower valuations as many offers are made by applying a multiple to yearly profits. If you are able to adjust your accounting methods or at least build in a framework that shows the business’ true profitability this will eliminate much of the time wasted haggling over the business’ value.It is a good idea to look at the situation with your debtors and reduce the amount of bad debt on your books. Buyers are weary of purchasing businesses where it seems the level of bad debt is too high or businesses where the customers take too long to settle accounts. You should use the preparation period to reduce the amount of bad debt and possibly restructure how certain accounts are paid.If you are determined to receive the best possible price for your business it is important that you take the time and effort to prepare your business for sale otherwise you risk leaving money on the table. A poorly prepared business is rarely sold so it is important not to cut corners during this period.If you thinking about selling your business contact today